Healthy working environments

Our design service for work environments

Our design is based on understanding the customer’s operation and will state, as well as the brand. We know how space planning and digital participation solutions can support change management. We manage the entire design process, from planning to user participation, data analysis and cost-effective implementation of the project.

We work with joy, passion and based on data. We are driven by the desire to make our customers successful!

Our customers

Meita Joensuu & CDM Design

“Tämä oli asiakkaalle älyttömän helppo projekti, helpoin missä olen ollut mukana. Kaikki tuli eteen annettuna. CDM teki suunnitelmat ajatustemme pohjalta, esittelivät ne

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Business Finland & CDM Involver

“Suosittelen CDM Involveria. Kyselyä räätälöitiin meille tiukalla aikataululla, mutta kaikki sujui todella hyvin. Meidän tarpeisiimme vastattiin ripeästi, joustavasti ja palvelualttiisti. Raportit olivat

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Mitra & CDM Design

“Saimme mietityn, eheän ja mieluisan kokonaisuuden, jossa toiveemme toteutuvat ja myös brändiä tuodaan kivasti esiin. Tarpeemme muuttuivat matkan varrella merkittävästi, mutta CDM

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Phases of a design project


Our design is based on understanding the customer’s operation and will state, as well as the brand. We look for solutions that meet the customer’s needs and exceed expectations.

Planning includes dividing the space into functions, color and material choices, and furniture, textile and lighting design. We pay attention to the functionality, accessibility and cleanliness of the premises. We create spaces that are easily adapted to the different needs of the users and thus have a long life. For example, in a school, the upholstery must be very durable, and productive use of space is required in business space planning.

We consider the effects of our operations on the environment in each of our projects. We strive to use environmentally friendly materials and products. We use existing furniture as much as possible, and in new acquisitions we always explore the possibility of using recycled products.

With design, we create energy in the space that is felt.

Project management

When customer buys project management from us, they trusts the whole project in our hands. We always deliver the best and most suitable options to our customer. Trust is the key word.

The project starts when the design is approved. We turn the choices into a budget and prepare a schedule for the project. We are responsible for their implementation. We participate in site meetings and manage connections with the developer and other designers such as architects and HVAC and electrical designers. We take care of tenders, orders and product receipt check. We manage the work at the customer’s destination and coordinate the moves.

We take responsibility for the entire implementation, so that the customer can focus on their own activities.

Furniture design

We design furniture for our projects when there is no suitable ready-made furniture or you can get better custom-made furniture for the same price. We design what the customer needs — stairs, bar counters, seats, islands. We pay attention to the principles of sustainable development in our design and try to adapt existing furniture to a new look whenever possible.