Well-being spaces are created by listening

Do you know what kind of learning environment is the most functional and economical?

CDM Involver is a digital participation solution that effectively maps the views of facility users and stakeholders on the new learning environment, teaching methods and pedagogy and commits to change. The results guide focusing on the right things.

CDM Involver binds the pedagogical plan to school planning, supports data management and provides the planning team with information about the user’s wishes without limiting the planning.

• For new and renovated schools
• More than 20,000 users
• Finland / Holland / Peru
• Customer satisfaction 100%
• Response rate 85%

Learning environments

CDM Involver quickly produces measured and analyzed information from the users to support decision-making.

CDM Involver is based on the Finnish basic education curriculum and the well-being profile of each client school. The background is experience in planning 20 schools, solid expertise (principals, teachers, architects, builders, change managers and analysts) and two theses:
InteriorDesign bot-toimitilasuunnittelun digitaalinen apuvälinen | Henna Myllymäki 2021
KatiBot-korkeakoulujen tilat opiskelijoiden silmin | SaniOvaskainen2021

The results are ready ten days after start

Initial mapping

Agreeing on the implementation and schedule.


We provide a link to the survey and communication instructions.

Survey in progress

Status information on the number of respondents on the 4th day.


Report and walkthrough of the analysis.

Participation in learning environment planning

1. Before the project

CDM Involver contains targeted questions separately for teachers and students. CDM Involver for teachers maps their vision of the new learning environment, teaching methods and pedagogy. CDM Involver for pupils maps preferences regarding the learning environment and study methods.

The best benefit from the survey arises when it is implemented in connection with the school’s pedagogical plan even before the new project.

2. In the planning phase

CDM Involver gives users the opportunity to influence the visual appearance of the new school building through colors, shapes and atmosphere.

CDM Involver is built in such a way that it gives guidelines without limiting the designers ability to create a unique environment. Designers get aggregated user opinions, which they can use in their design work as they wish.

3. After

CDM Involver collects feedback from users on the success of the design. It mirrors the questions to what was mapped. In CDM Involver, each object’s own photos are used. The best time for the survey is when the school building has been in operation for one academic year.

Let’s discuss the current situation at your school together! The meeting does not bind you to anything.