Well-being spaces are created by listening

Do you know what kind of work environment is the most functional and economical?

CDM Involver is a digital inclusion solution that provides the management of the organization and the people responsible for real estate development with measured and analyzed information about the functionality of the work environment and employee needs.

CDM Involver highlights the key needs and competitiveness factors of the work environment.

  • Provides information for planning and managing the work environment
  • Involves users in changing the work environment
  • Correct data efficiently and quickly
  • More than 20,000 users
  • Customer satisfaction 100%
  • Response rate 85%

About the work environment

CDM Involver quickly produces measured and analyzed information from farm users to support decision-making.

Expert-led work environment change is always cooperation and participatory development. It enables energy-efficient, business- and brand-supporting solutions, with the help of which the use of space and resources can be made efficient in a functional way, also with future needs in mind.

For management and designers, the CDM Involver report clearly shows the real needs and wishes.
For the staff, participation in the planning increases the feeling of being heard, community, commitment to common spaces and the rules of the game.

CDM Involver is the fastest comprehensive work environment measurement on the market

CDM Involver produces measured, analyzed and visualized information in 10 days:
1. The current state of employee experience in relation to how and where work will be done in the future.
2. About the need for space and atmosphere design for working in the office.
3. Rules that facilitate cooperation and increase community spirit.

Initial mapping

Agreeing on the implementation and schedule.


We provide a link to the survey and communication instructions.

Survey in progress

Tilannetieto vastaajien määrästä 4. pvä.


Report and walkthrough of the analysis.

Participation in work environment planning

Work environment changes are supported by management with information – CDM Involver collects information quickly and easily using an interactive bot interview. All space users can answer on an equal footing, anonymously and confidentially.

At the end of the measurement, we create a clear report and an action plan on what changes should be made in the work environment. Based on the action plan, we make a new space plan for the floor plan of the customer’s premises. The space plan serves as a basis for budgeting.

Let’s discuss the current situation at your workplace together! A remote meeting does not bind you to anything.