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Inclusion and healthy learning environments

Successful planning is based on the participation of the users of the facilities. It is important to hear and understand the needs of the users from the beginning. Pedagogy guides the design of the learning environment. When making changes, it is good to think about the parts of the whole at the same time: how all the activities take place in the premises, how the changes affect the order of lessons. It is good to practice the changes even before the facilities are put into use. At best, pedagogy, users and facilities are aligned.

The biggest challenges of school planning are:

  • Users are not satisfied with the final solutions
  • Schedules that are too fast: there is no time for reflection
  • Rarely involved user participation
  • The teaching staff is not committed enough
  • The pedagogical plan should be better taken into account
  • Co-development with different parties (educational agency, spatial center, developer) is minimal in the initial phase

Our solution is the CDM Involver involvement solution:

  • Information to the design team about users’ wishes
  • The possibility of joint development already in the initial phase
  • Information for the manager to implement the pedagogical plan
  • Users commit to change