Koskenkylä School

LOVIISA Koskenkylä school offers pre-school and years 1 to 6 of primary school. The area of the school to be designed was […]

Rantakylä normal school

JOENSUU Rantakylä school is the training school for teacher trainees at the University of Eastern Finland and offers a single learning path […]

Pontus kindergarten and school

LAPPEENRANTA The premise for the design of the circa 4,500 square metres of the Pontus kindergarten and school was the pedagogical plan […]

Mielen Melodiat

LAPPEENRANTA Mielen Melodiat Talo (“house of mind melodies”) is a brick building over 100 years old on the perimeter of Lappeenranta fortress, […]

Tilasuunnittelu CDM

Wolkoff’s wine cellar

LAPPEENRANTA The premise for the design of this cellar was a love of wine. The space was built in a listed building, […]