ITA Nordic


The basis for the design of about 300 square metres of office space for ITA Nordic was the company’s strong growth. CDM came on board at the start of the building expansion, allowing it to also design the layout and mould the spaces to the client’s preferences. Spaces for many functions were designed for the building: break rooms, creative design spaces, meeting spaces, conference rooms and offices. The company’s story and brand was the motif for all the spaces, and the company wanted them to be strongly to the fore. 

In addition to layout, the design consisted of colour and material choices, as well as furniture, textile and lighting design. Furniture was designed for the offices, which were commissioned as bespoke carpentry pieces. In this year-long project, CDM was responsible not only for the design, but also for the entire project management: budgeting, furniture tendering, procurement and scheduling, all the way up to the finishing touches.

CDM brought a breath of fresh air to the renovation and managed the project professionally, from planning to control of the final result.

Tommi Matikainen chairman of the board of directors, ITA Nordic Oy