Obs de Zwaluw School

MARKELO, the Netherlands

Children aged 4 to 12 attend the Obs de Zwaluw primary school. The area of the school is approximately 1,000 square metres. The pedagogical plan was the premise for designing the school. In addition to furniture, interior and textile design, data sheets were written to form a basis for furniture procurement. They contained the dimensions, colours and materials of furniture, ensuring the correct functionality and look. 

As part of the project, CDM also created a new brand, logo and graphic design for the school. CDM and the school primarily cooperated remotely. The 3D images and online meetings saw the project progress well.

CDM is a great company. CDM’s ideas, meetings and enthusiasm are a great experience.

CDM inspires my team members and listens very carefully. The choices after some sessions were marvellous! CDM created a new brand to our school, too. The cooperation is very nice. I will recommend CDM for every client, at least the humour and kindness must be told! The personal feeling and touch makes it complete
René Scholtenprincipal
Obs de Zwaluw school