Pontus kindergarten and school


The premise for the design of the circa 4,500 square metres of the Pontus kindergarten and school was the pedagogical plan and principal Katri Kurronen’s strong vision of the learning environment that best supports pedagogy. The spaces house a kindergarten, pre-school and years 1 to 6. These spaces were designed with the users firmly in mind. An interior design group of about 20 people, including both teachers and pupils, took part in the design. The project lasted a year.

CDM was responsible for furniture, interior, colour and textile design. Data sheets for the furniture were written to serve procurement. They listed dimensions, colours and materials to ensure the correct functionality and look. In addition, CDM created a brand, website and video for the school to tell the world about the new premises and its pedagogy.

Cooperation with CDM was uncomplicated and smooth. As principal, I particularly appreciate how well informed the designer was of our school’s pedagogy and its goals before starting the design work. CDM also took the pupils into account in their design and got them to think about things that should be considered in the learning environment. Everything was on schedule. We’re extremely satisfied with the result — it’s a joy to work and learn in our school.

Katri Kurronenprincipal
Pontus kindergarten and school