Visma Solutions Lappeenranta


CDM was responsible for the design and entire project management for Visma Solutions’ approximately 4,200 square metres of offices. These offices were designed with the users in mind. Visma’s in-house interior design group of ten employees collected users’ preferences and had the plans approved by their own team. In addition to layout, the design consisted of colour and material choices, as well as furniture, textile and lighting design. In addition, numerous furniture was designed for the offices, which were commissioned as bespoke carpentry pieces. CDM was responsible for the design and the entire project delivery, right up to moving day.

The office interiors were inspired by New York, which served as a constant theme throughout the design. The then CEO Ari-Pekka Salovaara’s vision of the offices was central: in the work environment of the future, natural encounters between people are key to a new kind of development. The company’s growth meant that layout planning was particularly in constant flux. The design was updated to reflect the client’s needs several times. The COVID-19 pandemic saw the timetables being adjusted along the way. The entire project lasted about two years. CDM regularly reported to Visma on the state of the budget and schedule.

We now have great offices. The interior design strongly supports our culture and our way of working. I’d particularly like to praise how CDM gave us a lot of ideas that we could choose from and develop. They were fantastic in keeping people up to speed. Our employees got to check out various materials and choose colours. CDM took the project forward in iterations, and their communication was strong and transparent.
Jussi Pekkala, CEO
Visma Solutions Oy