Koskenkylä School

LOVIISA Koskenkylä school offers pre-school and years 1 to 6 of primary school. The area of the school to be designed was approximately 3,600 square metres. The pedagogical plan and the principals’ common vision were the premise for the design. CDM was responsible for furniture, interior and textile design of the premises. The design project […]

Rantakylä normal school

JOENSUU Rantakylä school is the training school for teacher trainees at the University of Eastern Finland and offers a single learning path for years 1 to 9. The school focuses on co-teaching, Information and Communication Technology, and developing its teaching practices. These values were also the basis for the interior design. CDM was responsible for […]

Pontus kindergarten and school

LAPPEENRANTA The premise for the design of the circa 4,500 square metres of the Pontus kindergarten and school was the pedagogical plan and principal Katri Kurronen’s strong vision of the learning environment that best supports pedagogy. The spaces house a kindergarten, pre-school and years 1 to 6. These spaces were designed with the users firmly […]